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Capacity: 10 ÷ 300 kW
Cooling only
Heat pump
Heat recovery
Economizer & Free cooling
EU4/MERV8 filter

Product introduction

AIRWAVE rooftop units are fabricated to perform, with features and options that provide for lower installed and operating costs, superior indoor air quality, quiet operation and longevity.

Casing and Frame

Rooftop unit is designed to ensure long operational life time. Its casing is made of corrosion resistant galvanized steel with UV resistant electrostatic powder spraying paint. 15mm PE insulation has a good acoustics.

For ultra-low / high outside temperature, optional double skins panel with 50mm high-injected PU foam insulation has a better insulation and acoustics.

Panel design includes no exposed insulation edges.


High preformance, low noise full-hermetic scroll compressors can realize multi-step energy adjustment to reduce with energy consumption at part load. Especially, for multiscroll compressor unit, it is always running at their best nominal operation conditions and optimizes heat exchanger usage. For example, with 50% capacity load, unit would only start one compressor on each circuit. The running compressors would then benefit from the whole heat exchange surface area and the whole airflow rate.

Optional inverter scroll compressors adjust the to match required total cooling and heating load for efficiency part load control.

Refrigeration circuit includes both a low and high pressure switch, high pressure safety switch and temperature sensors for the suction and discharge. All of the above devices are input to the unit controller and the values be displayed at the unit controller. Crankcase heaters and external thermal overload protection are also provided for compressor durability.

The compressor is mounted on isolators for quieter operation.

Condensing side

All units use large face area outdoor coils, with integral sub-cooling circuit, are constructed with seamless copper tubes, mechanically bonded into hydrophilic aluminum plate-type fins with full drawn collars to completely cover the tubes for high operating efficiencies.

Each condensing coil is factory leak tested with high pressure air under water for reliable operation.

Units are shipped with full operating charge of R410a for quick start up.

The condensing side consists of one or more direct drive condensing fans with low noise, airfoil, large chord length and space twist patented blade with serrated.

Low noise and high efficiency fan motor includes permanently lubricated bearings to reduce maintence cost. Optional inverter type motor is used for proportional control at part load and reducing energy consumption.

A electrostatic powder coated, cross-welded, steel wire coil guard is offered to provide protection for coil fins.

Thermal overload and phase failure protection are provided for dependable and long lasting motor operation.


Direct expansion cooling coils are fabricated of seamless riffled copper that is mechanically expanded into enhanced hydrophilic aluminum plate fins for high efficiency.

Multi-row, staggered tube design coils with a minimum of 3 rows allow unbeatable part load and full load efficiencies.

Cooling coil includes a thermal controlled expansion valve to maintain the liquid sub-cooling and the superheat of the refrigerant system for extreme ambient conditions.

Each coil is factory leak tested with high pressure air under water and completely piped and charged for quick start up and reliable operation.

Cooling coil is mounted in a positively sloped, compliant, drain pan to improve the indoor air quality.

Heat Pump Heating

Evaporating coil, condensing coil, compressors and refrigerant circuit are designed for heat pump operation.

The refrigerant circuit contains a 4 way reversing valve to provide heat.

The evaporating coil includes a thermal controlled expansion valve to control the refrigerant flow during heat pump operation.

The unit controller modulates the expansion valve to maintain compressor operation within the compressor operational envelope.

Hybrid heating option is provided for auxiliary.

Supply Fan

The double width double inlet (DWDI) construction supply fan with belt driven provides efficient and quiet operation at wide ranging static pressure and air flow requirements.

Optional direct drive fan and plug fan are provided for different working conditions.

Each fan assembly is dynamically trim balanced at the factory before shipment for quick start up and efficient operation.

Motor with thermal overload and phase failure protection is provided for motor long lasting operation.

Variable Air Volume Control

SIEMENS/CAREL proportionally controls the inverter motors on the supply and exhaust fans not only reduces fan energy and operating cost at part load conditions but also improves sound levels.

Exhaust Air

With / without exhaust air is determined by buildings' air tightness. 4 exhaust air options with different outdoor air options:

1. Unit with no exhaust air option

The air flow is usually set during start up for a given outdoor air rate.

2. ON/OFF exhaust damper

The damper is used to relief pressure when outdoor air is being introduced in a building with good air tightness.

3. Internal exhaust fan

Single width single inlet (SWSI) airfoil fans with aluminum blades provide efficient and quiet operation at wide ranging static pressure and air flow requirements. Direct drive fan with no belts, sheaves, or bearings and permanently lubricated motors provides low maintenance cost.

It is interlocked to run when return air dampers are being closed and and supply air blower is in operation. The exhaust fan runs when outdoor air damper is at least 50% open (adjustable by set point). The ON/OFF damper is supplied with this option to prevent air from entering the unit when fan is off.

4. Centrifugal exhaust fan

Where system balancing is critical and return ductwork pressure drop is high, it is recommended to use centrifugal fan such as energy recovery.

A centrifugal fan installed with a 3rd damper and is able to extract up to 300Pa with the nominal air flow of the unit.

Outdoor / Return Air Section

AIRWAVE units are available with a 0% to 30% outdoor air damper or a 0% to economizer or also a outdoor air option.

Outside air intake hood constructed from galvanized steel for longer equipment life.

Outside air hood includes moisture eliminator filters to prevent water from entering the unit for better indoor air quality.

Motorized blade dampers provides efficient operation by reducing leakage during off cycles.

0% to 30% damper is field adjusted to a fixed open position that is easily set using the controller, allowing for a balance between indoor air quality and energy savings.

0% to option includes outside and return air dampers sized to handle of the supply air volume for efficient and reliable operation.

0% to , fully functional, modulating economizer provides free cooling and reduces compressor energy and operating cost.

Economizer control is fully integrated into the unit’s control system and features a spring-return actuator, adjustable minimum outside air set point and adjustable changeover.

Dry bulb or comparative enthalpy economizer changeover control is available to provide the most economical amount of outside air for “free” cooling.

ON/OFF relief dampers are standard for exhaust control and exhaust air out of the back of the unit.


Units supplied with outdoor air can add economizer to improve comfort through better outdoor air management and to reduce energy consumption with free cooling.

It consists of outdoor air hood; ON/OFF relief damper; exhaust fan option; parallel, gear-driven action, return air and outdoor air dampers, 24-volt, fully modulating spring return motor.

ON/OFF relief damper allows relief of exhaust air, aluminum blades prevent blow back and outdoor air infiltration during off cycle, bird screen funished. Optional exhaust axial fans exhaust air pressure relief when high levels of outside air are being introduced in the building with good air tightness.

Mixed Air Sensor is furnished for field installation in the rooftop unit. Sensor is factory installed when economizers are factory installed.

For single enthalpy sensor with economizer, it is installed in the outdoor air section and enables economizer if the outdoor enthalpy is less than the setpoint of the control.

For two enthalpy sensors with economizer, one is field installed in the return air section, the other in the outdoor air section. Allows the economizer control board to select between outdoor air or return air, whichever has lower enthalpy.

Free Cooling runs when outdoor air temperature is lower than the set temperature on the economizer control. It is one of the most important features of rooftop as it maximise seasonal efficiency by reducing the use of mechanical cooling in mid season.

Optional indoor CO2 sensor monitors CO2 level, reports to the unit controller which adjusts economizer dampers as needed.


Unit provides a draw-through filter section. Standard G3 6-layer aluminum filter are provided; optional EU4/MERV8 washable prefilters are available.

Heating Section

Wide ranging natural gas, electric, hot water heat selections effectively handle almost any heating demand from morning warm-up control to full heat.

Dehumidification and Humidification

AIRWAVE rooftop unit provides dehumidification and humidification for keeping constant temperature and humidity. An anolog sensor is mounted in the return duct. The sensor monitors the return air temperature and humidity and send the signal to the controller. The controller modulates the humidifier or electrical heater to maintain the setting values. During the dehumidification or humidification, unit closes outdoor air damper and runs under full return air mode for modulating room temperature and humidity fast.

Energy Recovery

Three options of heat recovery are avaliable: 0-30% patented plate-fin heat recovery, plate heat recovery and wheel heat recovery.

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