Packaged reversible air cooled water chillers and heat pumps

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Low consumption WinPACK HE-A
TCAEY-THAEY 2110÷4340
Cooling capacity: 91.6÷345 kW Heating capacity: 110.5÷357 kW
Plus Product
Chillers and heat pumps in class A
ESEER up to 4.32
Standard electronic expansion valve
Polyvalent for systems with 2 pipes + DHW (with optional RC100)
Built-in MASTER/SLAVE management

Product introduction


Packaged reversible air cooled water chillers and heat pumps with axial fans. Range with hermetic Scroll compressors and R410A refrigerant.

Construction features

• Compressor: scroll type, rotary, hermetic complete with thermal protection and casing heater.
• 2, 3 or 4 capacity steps with high efficiency at partial loads.
Water side heat exchanger: with stainless steel plates, complete with closed cell polyurethane foam rubber insulation and water flow differential pressure switch.
• Air side heat exchanger: featuring micro-channels or finned coil with copper pipes and aluminium fins depending on the models/sizes.
• Fan: external rotor axial type electric fans with internal thermal protection, accident protection grilles.
• Control: microprocessor electronic control with Adaptive Function Plus logic.
• Structure: load bearing structure made of galvanised sheet steel and painted with polyester powders.
• The unit is also complete with:
– fan and compressor circuit breaker switches;
– display of cooling circuit high and low pressure;
– electronic expansion valve;
– Master/Slave control up to 4 units in parallel;
– clock board.


• T – High temperature/efficiency version with larger coil surface (TCAETY-THAETY).
• Q – Supersilenced version complete with soundproofed compressor compartment, super-low fan and larger coil surface (TCAEQY-THAEQY).


• TCAETY: high efficiency unit designed for cooling only.
• TCAEQY: supersilenced unit designed for cooling only.
• THAETY: heat pump unit.
• THAEQY: supersilenced heat pump unit.

Factory fitted accessories

• Shell and tube evaporator.
• PUMP with single or double electric pump, including an automatic pump in standby. The pumps are available in the low or high head versions.
• TANK&PUMP with built-in storage tank from 300 to 700 litres (depending on models) and single or double electric pump, complete with expansion tank, air vent valves, safety valve, and water side pressure gauge.
• VPF management.
• Desuperheater.
• FULL Heat recovery unit
• -10°C condensing control.
• -15°C condensing control with fans with EC motor (as per standard in the Q versions).
• Condensing control with over-pressure fans.
• Power factor correction capacitors (cosφ > 0.94).
• Forced limit of power consumption.
• Forced noise limit.
• Energy parameters measuring device.
• Optimised energy efficiency.
• Soft starter.
• Soundproofed compressors box or utility compartment soundproofing.
• Compressor soundproof enclosures.
• Cooling circuit delivery and intake valves.
• Refrigerant leak detector.
• Cooling circuit high and low pressure gauges.
• Double safety valves.
• Metal filters or coil protection nets.
• Micro-channel coils with E-coating treatment.
• Copper/copper or copper/pre-painted aluminium coils.
• Control of min/max power supply voltage.
• Digital input for double set-point.
• 4-20 mA analogue input for shifting set-point.
• Evaporator antifreeze heater, electrical panel, buffer tank, electric pumps and heat exchangers for heat recovery if present.
• Buffer tank integrative heaters
• Low temperature water production.
• Interfaces for serial communication with other devices.
• Anti-vibration mounts.

Accessories supplied loose

• Remote keyboard with display.
• Thermostat with display.
• airwave supervisors for unit monitoring and remote management.
• airwave sequencer for integrated management of several water chillers.

Data at the following conditions:

❶         Air: 35°C – Water: 12/7°C.

❷         Air: 7°C, D.B. 6°C W.B.- Water: 40/45°C.

❸         In open field (Q = 2) at 10 m from the unit.

❹         Total sound power level in dB(A) based on measurements carried out in accordance with regulation UNI EN-ISO 9614.

❺         Weight referred to the unladen unit not accessorised.

  • ESEER = (European seasonal EER) – Average European seasonal efficiency.

✪            ESEER with Adaptive Function Plus software. ESEER+ is not Eurovent certified.

■             TCAEQY-THAEQY super-silenced versions.

Performance according to EN 14511:2013

(◊)          In Average climatic conditions, low temperature application

(§)          Seasonal energy efficiency: low temperature heating in Average climate (EU Regulations N°811/213 and N°813/2013)

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